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Artisan Coffee Co - Recycle your Artisan Coffee Pods

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How To Recycle Your Artisan Coffee Pods

Learn how recycle your Artisan coffee pods at home with the Dualit EcoPress. For a limited time only, receive a free EcoPress with every order of the Artisan Nespresso® compatible pod EcoPack.

Coffee pods are famously difficult to dispose of in a convenient, mess-free, environmentally friendly and sustainable way. Millions of aluminium coffee capsules are purchased every year and so many of them end up in landfill. Protecting the planet is something we take really seriously at Artisan and this is why, when you purchase our Nespresso® Compatible Pod EcoPack, for a limited time only, we will send you a complimentary Dualit EcoPress Aluminium Pod Recycler.


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Are Coffee Pods Recyclable? 


The invention of coffee pods has completely revolutionised the way many of us brew our daily cup of coffee. Pods are convenient, they’re cost-effective and - if bought from a reputable brand - can result in a coffee that’s truly delicious.


Artisan’s coffee pods are made from aluminium and can easily be recycled at home. However, it is paramount that you learn how to recycle them properly, because if they are thrown away and sent to landfill, or left to biodegrade, they could take up to 500 years to break down. We don’t want that! So read on to find out how to dispose of your coffee pods ethically and responsibly.


The Artisan EcoPack


Giving into your daily caffeine craving and simultaneously ensuring the preservation of our beautiful planet is a difficult line to tread. We knew from day one that we didn’t want our customers to have to navigate the complicated world of carbon footprints and sustainability - that’s our job! Your only job is to savour and delight in Artisan’s range of delicious and characterful coffees. 


We have partnered with Dualit to ensure that you can enjoy your coffee guilt-free and safe in the knowledge that the environmental impact of your coffee consumption is purely positive. For a limited time only, the Dualit EcoPress is available with these two exclusive offers:


  1. Receive a free EcoPress with every purchase of the Nespresso® compatible  pod EcoPack
  2. Receive a 50% off code for the EcoPress when you purchase the Nespresso® compatible pod Selection Pack


    Dualit’s EcoPress Aluminium Capsule Recycler offers a mess-free solution to recycling used aluminium coffee pods. The compact, portable EcoPress removes the used coffee grounds from your coffee pod and crushes the aluminum shell to enable straightforward, fuss-free recycling. With Dualit’s EcoPress there's no need for couriers, plastic bags or landfill, and it is easier than ever to recycle your coffee pods at home. The machine is both dishwasher safe and Nespresso® compatible.

     How to recycle your Artisan Coffee Pods


    The EcoPress bucket will hold the coffee grounds of up to 10 aluminium coffee capsules and you can either recycle the aluminum capsules yourself or take the empty pods down to your local Tesco or Sainsbury’s to be recycled.


    The Dualit EcoPress offers a convenient and safe way for you to recycle your Artisan coffee pods with zero consequences for the environment. Finally, an easy solution to coffee pod disposal that leaves you feeling guilt-free, relaxed, and ready for your next cup. Phew!