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Choc 'N Nut Ground Coffee Set [480g]

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    Ground Coffee

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New: For all you Choc 'n' Nut coffee lovers, this ground coffee set is delivered in an Artisan Coffee Co. luxury gift bag. Indulge your coffee ritual with our keep fresh filter coffee. 

Pack includes 8 x 30g sachets of each character:

  • The Heroine: notes of chocolate, caramel & roasted hazelnut
  • The Smart Cookie: notes of nibbed cocoa, honey & biscuit

Why do we portion our ground coffee in 30g sachets?

Typically ground coffee is sold in large bags of 250g, but as soon as you open a bag this size the coffee's freshness and aroma will quickly start to depreciate, resulting in a bitter, stale tasting coffee. 

Our 30g ground coffee sachets are perfectly portioned so each coffee you make from the same pack will taste as fresh and delicious as the first. Precisely engineered so you never need to compromise ever again on your fresh coffee experience.

Better tasting and less waste. A true artisan coffee experience.

Notes of: Assortment


Character The Heroine The Smart Cookie
Intensity 7 6
Notes of Chocolate, caramel & roasted hazelnut Nibbed cocoa, honey & biscuit
Origin Blend Blend
Type 14 x 30g Ground Coffee Sachets, 1 x chocolate 14 x 30g Ground Coffee Sachets, 1 x chocolate
Weight 420g 420g
Why choose ground?

Artisan pre-portion ground coffee into single serve sachets, sealed using state-of-the-art nitro-flush technology to lock in aroma and maintain ultimate freshness, cup after cup.

Whether you brew using a cafetière, filter machine, pour over or Aeropress, it couldn’t be more straightforward: simply open, pour and brew.


The Heroine: Our biggest hit and a proper crowd pleaser. This smooth and irresistibly intense coffee, bursting with natural notes of rich chocolate, caramel and roasted hazelnuts. Partners perfectly with milk, making for an obvious coffee to share. 

The Smart Cookie: The ultimate comforter, The Smart Cookie is an elegant coffee reminiscent of velvety nibbed cocoa, fragrant honey and buttery biscuit. Perfect mid-morning for a deluxe break time.


Our unique aroma optimisation process - Aromax50™ - allows Artisan Coffee Co. to protect essential aroma molecules. Our coffee is at its optimum before portioning into sachets with Nitrogen to suspend this coffee at its best until brewed. A pioneering process Artisan have introduced to maximise aroma into the most character coffee.

Our difference

Inspired by champagne houses, we blend and roast our beans to perfection. Developed with a Michelin-starred chef, this is coffee as you've never tasted before.


Our coffee is sealed using nitro-flush technology to ensure the aroma remains consistent over time. You won’t find coffee that tastes this fresh anywhere else.


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