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An espresso machine pod filled with Artisan Coffee Co coffee rests on a set of digital scales infront of the machine. There are ceramic vases in the background with flowers and grass like plants in them

Whole Bean Coffee

Artisan Coffee Co. Whole Bean

Freshly roasted and ready to grind.

Artisan Coffee Co. finely tune all blends and roast profiles for each brew method, capturing the unique characteristics of each coffee in every bean.

Our whole bean blends are available in all characters. Our espresso whole bean has been precisely roasted to be ground and brewed using any manual or automatic espresso machine.

Our unique aroma optimisation process - Aromax50 - allows Artisan Coffee Co. to protect essential aroma molecules. A pioneering process Artisan have introduced to maximise aroma into the most characterful coffee.

Learn how to get the most flavour out of your coffee in our espresso brew guide.

Artisan Coffee Co espresso machine the enigma packaging glass cup


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