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The Big Shot Favourites Pack

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Fancy yourself The Big Shot? This new favourites pack is just for you. One of our best sellers, The Big Shot is intense, powerful and packed with character.

Our 30g ground coffee sachets are perfectly portioned so each coffee you make from the same pack will taste as fresh and delicious as the first. Precisely engineered so you never need to compromise ever again on your fresh coffee experience.

The Big Shot coffee bags were recently voted the best coffee bag by the Daily Mail.

"If you were served this in a cafe as a filter coffee, you would probably not realise it came from a bag" Daily Mail.

Notes of: Dark chocolate, fudge & vanilla
Perfect Pairing: The Big Shot Chocolate Flights

The Big Shot Chocolate Flights

Dark chocolate, fudge & vanilla. Created to pair perfectly with The Big Shot coffees.
Product Details
  • 100% natural Arabica speciality coffee
  • Each pack contains; 20 coffee bags, 8 x 30g ground coffee sachets, 10 x chocolates
  • Individually packed in nitrogen flushed pockets to maintain maximum freshness and protect the aroma of our freshly roasted coffee
  • Easy tear open and pour for the ultimate fresh coffee convenience

Voted the best coffee bag by The Daily Mail, our Big Shot coffee is Intense, powerful and packed with character. The Big Shot delivers a punchy, full-bodied coffee brimming with natural hints of dark chocolate, gooey fudge brownie and warm vanilla. Brilliant black, magic with milk.


Our unique aroma optimisation process - Aromax50™ - allows Artisan Coffee Co. to protect essential aroma molecules. Our coffee is at its optimum before portioning into sachets with Nitrogen to suspend this coffee at its best until brewed. A pioneering process Artisan have introduced to maximise aroma into the most characterful coffee.

Our difference

Inspired by champagne houses, we blend and roast our beans to perfection. Developed with a Michelin-starred chef, this is coffee as you've never tasted before.


Our coffee is sealed using nitro-flush technology to ensure the aroma remains consistent over time. You won’t find coffee that tastes this fresh anywhere else.


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