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The Dreamer 'On The Go'

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Calling all decaf coffee can now enjoy your favourite instant fresh coffee bags with our new KeepCup for the ultimate decaf coffee experience on the go! Plus you'll receive a FREE box of our delicious paired chocolates. 

The Dreamer coffee is a million miles from any decaf you ever tasted. The Dreamer contains natural soothing notes of delicious, honeyed chocolate, balanced with a fragrant walnut-like finish. Delightful morning noon or night, with none of the caffeine side effects, sound dreamy? Try it, we promise you won't be disappointed.

Notes of: Honeyed chocolate & walnut
Perfect Pairing: The Dreamer Chocolate Flights

The Dreamer Chocolate Flights

Honeyed chocolate & walnut. Created to pair perfectly with The Dreamer coffees.
Coffee Bags
  • 100% natural Arabica speciality decaf coffee
  • Each box contains 20 coffee bags
  • Individually packed in nitrogen flushed pockets to maintain maximum freshness and protect the aroma of our freshly roasted coffee
  • Easy tear open for the ultimate fresh coffee convenience
  • Simply brew your coffee bag directly in a cup for an instant fix of delicious, fresh coffee.

This collection includes The Dreamer chocolate flights, discs of delicious chocolate perfectly partnered to each coffee to amplify the characteristics in your cup.

If you suffer from allergies please check chocolate ingredients and allergens here. Whilst not all of our chocolates contain nuts as a main ingredient, they may contain traces of nuts.


The best reusable cup for coffee on the go:

  • Only barista standard reusable cup
  • Optimal liquid flow and aroma release
  • Standard volumes for the right coffee to milk ratio
  • Hygenic and easy to clean 
  • Modular design, bands can be replaced after time

More information can be found here.

Our difference

Inspired by champagne houses, we blend and roast our beans to perfection. Developed with a Michelin-starred chef, this is coffee as you've never tasted before.


Our coffee is sealed using nitro-flush technology to ensure the aroma remains consistent over time. You won’t find coffee that tastes this fresh anywhere else.


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Brew Guides

Check out our step-by-step brew guides for tip tips on how to make the perfect cup every time. Available for all brew methods; pods, cafetiere, espresso, cold brew...

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