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Ashley's At-Home Coffee Brewing Tips

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Ashley's At-Home Coffee Brewing Tips

Discover how to make the best coffee at home, whilst saving time and money with these top tips from Artisan's coffee guru and former Michelin-starred chef Ashley Palmer-Watts.

Do you aspire to create barista-style coffees from the comfort of your own home? This article could be just what you need to make this dream become a reality. Whether you’re a capsule connoisseur or a coffee bag novice, there’s something to help you brew the very best coffee at home.



With sustainability, cutting back on waste and saving money at the forefront of so many of our minds, making coffee from home is a step in the right direction, and it doesn’t mean you have to compromise on taste or quality. Ashley Palmer-Watts, our co-founder and former Michelin-starred chef, provides his expert tips for becoming the best ‘at-home barista'.


Ashley has compiled his top tips for brewing the perfect cup of coffee at home:



Freeze your coffee beans


This helps to maintain the freshness of the beans and make them last double the length of time. Once you’ve defrosted the beans, don’t re-freeze them, and make sure they’re sealed to keep them fresh.



Use a coffee pod machine to reduce waste


Coffee pods keep the coffee fresher for longer than bags by providing the correct portion each time with nothing left over. Make sure to descale your coffee machine at least once a month to keep it working efficiently. Giving your coffee pods a shake before placing them into your machine allows for optimal extraction and flow, making the most of the contents of your pod.


Warm your mug


Starting with a warm mug keeps your coffee piping hot for longer, especially when using coffee pods. Once you know how much coffee you consume throughout the week, taking out a subscription of your chosen coffee will save you money in the long run.



Use the best milk you can afford


When it comes to milk, Ashley prefers to use the best quality full-fat milk available, as it gives you a silky rich micro foam. For a non-dairy option, he recommends Sproud pea milk, which allows the coffee flavour to come through, or Minor Figures oat milk which is easier to find.



Learn to tamp


When using an espresso machine, tamping is essential to ensure the coffee bed is level. If it’s not level, the water won’t run through it evenly, resulting in an uneven extraction. Tamp down firmly until the grounds aren’t moving down anymore, then check the tamp is level with the rim of the basket.



What about Ashley’s favourite ways to serve coffee?


For a simple but high-quality coffee, he recommends using a cafetière. For larger groups, he suggests using a filter coffee dripper as a brewing device, which gives a clean texture to the mouthfeel, with great extraction too.


So, there you have it. Ashley Palmer-Watts’ expert tips for becoming the best ‘at-home barista’ you can be! With these tips, you can create a barista-style coffee from the comfort of your own home, plus cut down on waste and save money in the process. Enjoy!