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The Smart Cookie


The Smart Cookie

Charming, sweet and totally irresistible.

The Smart Cookie is the ultimate comforter, a big hug in a mug. One sip and memories from warm summer days or a freshly baked buttery biscuit are conjured. An elegant and fragrant character, sumptuously smooth and simply irresistible.

Name: The Smart Cookie

This character came into being via our team making a number of smart choices. The result? A sweet and sumptuous coffee that leaves an impression long after you’ve taken your last sip. If we’re honest, we couldn’t have named it anything else.

Number: 12

Bakers used to routinely add a 13th loaf to their batch of 12 in order to avoid punishment for accidentally selling underweight bread (hence ‘a baker’s dozen'). The Smart Cookie, though, has nothing to hide so we’ve given it a nice, round number 12.

Colour: First Light

The warmth and elegant sweetness of The Smart Cookie find their origin in the coffee’s layers of fragrant honey and buttery biscuit. This character is as irresistible as the first light of a Midsummer's day.

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