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woman is striped top pours water into a V60 pour over vessel through a paper filter on top of scales

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How to brew V60 Coffee

Learn how to brew delicious V60 pour over coffee with the Hario V60 dripper and Artisan’s ground filter coffee. It may look like something out of a science laboratory but it’s actually a really straightforward and fun way to make your coffee. Follow this step-by-step guide and you will be brewing like a pro in no time. Making V60 has never been easier - we promise!



Makes 2 Cups


V60 Dripper

V60 Filter Paper

Brewing Vessel

Goose Neck Kettle

Coffee Grinder

Digital Scale


Stir Spoon


30g Artisan Coffee Co. Whole Beans

600g/ml Filtered Water


3.5 - 4 Minutes


V60 Compatible Coffee


Before getting started, gather all your equipment into one place.


Boil 600g/ml of filtered water.


Artisan Coffee co V60 brew guide brewing equipment grinder pouring vessel beans paper filter water

Assemble your brewing equipment: place a filter paper inside the V60 and place the V60 on top of your brewing vessel. Folding over the seam of the filter will help it to fit snugly into your V60 dripper.


Artisan Coffee co V60 brew guide paper filter careful

Place your brewing equipment onto the scales and set them to zero. Using 100g/ml of hot water, thoroughly rinse your filter. This will remove any unwanted paper flavour and warm the brewing vessel to minimise heat loss during brewing. Discard the water and put your brewing equipment back on the scales.


Artisan Coffee co V60 brew guide brewing equipment vessel scales water zero paper filter

Set your grinder to the appropriate setting for ‘V60 Pour Over’ and grind 30g of whole beans. Carefully pour the ground coffee into the V60 cone. Gently shake the cone to level the ground coffee.


Artisan Coffee co V60 brew guide whole beans ground pour over

Zero the scales again and pour 60g/ml of water just off the boil. Using a teaspoon, carefully stir the coffee to ensure all the coffee is wet, then allow it to sit for 30 seconds (use your timer for accuracy).


Artisan Coffee co V60 brew guide tespoon 30 seconds pour ground coffee water off the boil

Then, slowly pour water from your kettle into your V60 in a clockwise spiral motion working from the outside-in. Stop when the scales reach 250g. Allow this water to filter through for 1 minute.


Artisan Coffee co V60 brew guide pour clockwise spiral motion scales paper filter

After 1 minute, repeat the process with a further 250g/ml of water. The scales should now read 500g.


Artisan Coffee co V60 brew guide repeat clockwise pour spiral motion water paper filter

Once all the water has been added, carefully give the V60 dripper a swirl to level the bed of coffee. Allow the coffee to drip through.


Artisan Coffee co V60 brew guide water dripper swirl ready

After 3 to 4 minutes your coffee will finish dripping. Once dripping has ceased, remove and discard the spent coffee grounds and filter paper.


Artisan Coffee co V60 brew guide after dripping discard coffee grounds paper filter

Stir the jug of coffee and serve immediately.


Artisan Coffee co V60 brew guide stir jug serve immediatley glass

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