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Woman in a red shirt putting an artisan coffee bag into a black mug which is on top of a set of digital scales. A pot of sugar and kettle are beside the mug

Brew Guides

How to brew using our Coffee Bags

Like a tea bag, but for coffee. When you want to enjoy a cup of fresh, tasty filter coffee but you don't want to get out the cafetière, coffee bags are your best friend. The perfect size to pop in your bag and take on the road, a coffee bag is the most convenient way to rustle up a brew. Follow our step-by-step guide and then sit back, relax and enjoy.



Makes 1 Cup



Coffee Cup



1 x Artisan Coffee Co. Coffee Bag

250g/ml Filtered Water


5 Minutes


Before getting started, gather all your equipment into one place.


Boil 250g/ml of filtered water.


Artisan coffee co coffee bags brew guide gather equipment boil filtered water scales

Place the coffee bag into your coffee mug and bring the filtered water to the boil using the kettle.


Artisan coffee co coffee bags brew guide into mug filtered water to boil kettle

Add 250g/ml boiled water to the mug and stir. Allow the coffee to brew for 3-5 minutes, or to taste, stirring every minute and gently squeezing.


Artisan coffee co coffee bags brew guide add boiled water pour stir brew taste gently squeezing

After 3-5 minutes, give your coffee one final stir, squeeze the coffee bag, remove and discard.


Artisan coffee co coffee bags brew guide final stir squeeze remove discard

Your coffee is now ready. Serve immediately for maximum pleasure.


Artisan coffee co coffee bags brew guide ready serve immediately pleasure mug

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