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Two glass tumblers filled with Artisan Coffee co coffee infront of a jug of coffee. The jug sits on a dark blue cloth napkin and infront of it are two chocolate discs. To the left of this is a branch with pink flowers in soft focus.

Ground Coffee

Artisan Coffee Co. Ground Coffee

Love your ground. We've sealed the ideal.

No grinder, no problem. Our perfectly portioned packs deliver delicious cups of coffee every time. No need to forfeit taste for convenience, no time spent measuring, and no loss of flavour.

Thing is, an open bag of ground coffee will deteriorate from the moment you open it. Whereas our thing, is nitro-sealed sachets, so you get all the freshness without the faff.

Double the aroma and twice the character. Keeping your coffee at its best until you open and brew. Just add one measured serve to your cafetière. fill with hot water and a better coffee moment is yours for the sipping.

Learn how to get the most flavour out of your coffee in our brew guides cafetiere and french press, moccamaster and cold brew.

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