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The Dreamer


The Dreamer”

A Big Thinker. A Visionary. An Idealist.

The Dreamer has big aspirations and what it lacks in caffeine it more than makes up for in flavour. There was never any doubt that we would choose Swiss Water - the world’s best decaffeination process - for our first decaf. This chemical free, certified organic process uses only water and temperature to gently filter out the caffeine without diluting the coffee’s original characteristics.

Name: The Dreamer

A big thinker, a visionary and an idealist; a coffee for any time of day without compromising quality of sleep and the dreams that come with it.

Number: 24

There is no wrong time when it comes to The Dreamer. Enjoy a deliciously characterful cup of coffee, 24 hours a day.

Colour: Sky Blue

Blue sky thinking created The Dreamer: a unique blend of the best beans, purified using fresh Swiss water, resulting in the ultimate harmony of flavours. Without the caffeine.

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