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Woman stands behind a pod machine while it pours an artisan coffee into a glass espresso cup

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How to use a Pod Machine

Artisan Coffee Co. pods are Nespresso® compatible and suitable for most pod machines on the market (with the exception of the Nespresso Vertuo®). We are big fans of the Opal One machine at Artisan HQ as it has been specifically designed to brew speciality coffee pods but our step-by-step guide can be used for all pod machines.


Read on to find out how, with just a few simple adjustments to the way you brew, you can make your pod coffee taste even more delicious than you ever thought possible.



Makes 1 Espresso


Espresso Pod Machine


1 x Artisan Coffee Co. Coffee Pod

Filtered Water


20 Seconds




Pod Machine Compatible Coffee


Before getting started, gather all your equipment into one place.


Artisan coffee co brew guide pod machine gather equipment espresso pods



Set up your espresso pod machine by filling the water tank with fresh filtered water. Turn on and place an espresso cup under the pouring spout.


Artisan coffee co brew guide pod machine fill water tank filtered espresso cup pouring spout

Once the machine is hot, flush the machine by pressing the ‘espresso’ or ‘short’ button without a coffee pod. This will help to keep the machine clean, heat the brew chamber, and warm up your espresso cup. Discard the water.

 Artisan coffee co brew guide pod machine hot flush espresso button clean heat

Place your espresso cup back under the pouring spout. Place a pod into the brewing chamber and close the lid. Press the ‘espresso’ or ‘short’ button.


Artisan coffee co brew guide pod machine cup under pouring spout brewing chamber espresso short

Once the machine has finished pouring, your espresso is ready to drink and enjoy.

 Artisan coffee co brew guide pod machine espresso pouring enjoy

Finally, eject the pod from the brew chamber by opening and closing the lid. Then press the ‘espresso’ or ‘short’ button one more time to allow the water to run through and clean your machine.


Artisan coffee co brew guide pod machine eject brew chamber clean espresso water

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