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Woman pours artisan coffee out of a silver moka pot into a green cup with saucer

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How to use a Moka Pot

Learn the essentials of brewing with a classic moka pot; a traditional and incredibly stylish Italian stove top brewing method. Achieve perfect results with our ground moka coffee by following our step-by-step brew guide which will teach you how to use a Moka Pot like a pro. A moka pot is a popular choice for those wanting a stronger cup of coffee.



Makes 2 cup


Moka Pot


Tea Towel


1 x 30g Artisan Coffee Co. Ground Moka Coffee

250g/ml Filtered Water


2 Minutes


Moka Pot Compatible Coffee


Before getting started, gather all your equipment into one place.

Boil 250g/ml of filtered water.


Artisan coffee co moka pot brew guide gather equipment scales cups boil water

Place the bottom half of your moka pot onto the scale and set to zero. Fill with 250g/ml of filtered water just off the boil.


Artisan coffee co moka pot brew guide bottom half onto scales zero fill filtered water

Place the coffee filter in the base of the pot and empty your sachet of Artisan ground coffee into the filter.  Using your finger, level and flatten the coffee.


Artisan coffee co moka pot brew guide filter in base sachets ground coffee flatten

Using a towel or oven gloves, carefully screw the top of the moka pot onto the base. Avoid over-tightening.


Artisan coffee co moka pot brew guide use towl or gloves screw top base

Place the moka pot onto a medium heat, leaving the lid open. Make sure the handle isn’t positioned directly over the heat.


Artisan coffee co moka pot brew guide place hob medium heat

The coffee will start to bubble up and your moka pot will make a puffing sound. The coffee will look dark to begin with and will become lighter in colour as the brew progresses. Once the colour turns a honey yellow, remove the moka pot from the heat and use a towel or oven gloves to close the lid (it will be hot!).


Artisan coffee co moka pot brew guide bubble puffing sound dark to begin lighter brew progresses remove from hob hot

Run cold water over the base of your moka pot for 10 seconds, making sure you’re still protecting yourself by holding it in a towel or by wearing oven gloves. The cold water will stop the coffee from over-extracting.


Artisan coffee co moka pot brew guide cold water over base stop over extracting

Allow the coffee to rest for 30 seconds. Serve and enjoy!


Artisan coffee co moka pot brew guide rest 30 seconds serve enjoy pour

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