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Good News Round Up S/S 22

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Good News Round Up S/S 22

From scoring best coffee bag, best luxury pods, to ranking as one of the top 10 best UK coffee what the experts have to say about Artisan Coffee Co. 

We’re feeling humbled beyond words. We’ve had some awesome media shout-outs this quarter and we wanted to share some of our favourites with you - our community - because we wouldn’t be where we are today without you! We’ve been up and running for just over a year now, and we are so proud of how far we’ve come. We can’t wait to see what the next 12 months hold! Thank you for joining us on our Artisan journey!



Voted Best Coffee Bag by the Daily Mail


“If you were served this in a cafe as filter coffee you would probably not realise it came from a bag.”


The Daily Mail voted us their number one best coffee bag in the UK! We were up against the likes of Costa, Cru Kafe, Taylors of Harrogate and Sainsbury’s, and their judging panel awarded us the top spot! Thrilled doesn’t even come close to describing how we feel about this enormous accolade. We are so, so proud of our team for the hard work they put into creating the ultimate brew-in-cup coffee bag experience.


The Daily Mail said:


“Artisan ¬Coffee Co., started by Ashley Palmer-Watts, who worked at Heston Blumenthal’s Fat Duck before becoming head chef at his ¬Dinner restaurant, launched last year, selling ground coffee, beans, pods and coffee bags and has a wide range of bags and does brisk business supplying large hotel chains… The Big Shot, its most popular variety , promises ‘dark chocolate and gooey fudge brownie’. If you were served this in a cafe as a filter coffee you would probably not realise it came from a bag. 4.5/5”.


Just wow. You can read the full article here.



Voted One of Olive Magazine’s Best UK Coffee Subscriptions


The panel at Olive really understood our mission to “elevate your daily brew and make specialty coffee accessible to everyone by taking a flavour-focussed approach to coffee and creating six characterful, layered blends that underpin the whole brand.”


They loved our 30g sachets - designed to ensure maximum freshness and aroma - and how our packaging means you get to enjoy a fresh and flavourful coffee every time.


The judging panel explained that they’d included us in their list because they loved the flexibility we offer our customers when it comes to building subscriptions packages and choosing from available brew types:


“You can dive straight in with a coffee box subscription, but Artisan Coffee Co. encourages you to try a tasting pack first so you can discover which blends you like best. These come with a range of delicious chocolate flights (created by Ashley) designed to complement each coffee – you can buy these separately as well. Each blend can be used in most brewing methods – from moka pot to V60 – and the website helpfully has a range of step-by-step guides for each style. Once you’ve picked the flavours you like, setting up a subscription is pretty straightforward. For ground coffee, for example, you can choose from one to five boxes of 12 single-serve sachets delivered monthly.”


And we were the cheapest coffee subscription included in their list! It’s not easy keeping costs down and still delivering the goods - but we think we might have nailed it!


View the complete list here.



Included in Olive Magazine’s Top 10 Instant Coffees in the UK


Olive referred to our coffee as “classy” and loved that our coffee bags have “bold and evocative names like 'The Genius', 'The Smart Cookie', 'The Big Shot', 'The Heroine' and more, that refer to their taste profiles.”


They acknowledged that whilst our coffee bags are not strictly ‘instant coffee’, they are so quick and easy to brew that they should be included in the list. They pointed out that coffee bags require no extra equipment so are just as easy to brew and instant coffee granules. And a whole lot more delicious if we might say so ourselves!


Celeste Wong - who was voted one of London’s top five baristas by The Financial Times and is noted for her excellence and coffee expertise in many publications - said: “I found the taste to be similar in strength to tea, mild and pleasant – so it’s not a heavy cup of coffee which you might need in the morning, but a perfect light afternoon or evening cuppa. There is an extensive tasting collection if you want to try all the flavours out, and they come individually wrapped, which makes them a convenient option to take camping or away on short trips. It would be great to see these in hotels and accommodation in addition to the vast teabag selections usually on offer.”


Read Celeste’s full instant coffee round-up here.



Featured in Expert Review’s Best Coffee Pods 2022


Expert Reviews called our pods the “best luxury Nespresso compatible capsules” in the UK! We’ll take that!


We were up against some big names, including Nespresso itself!


The clincher? Our luxury paired chocolates: “The standout feature of Artisan’s coffee pods (not mentioning the unconventional name choices) is the inclusion of little pairing chocolates, each one designed to accompany its respective roast. It’s a very nice touch, but we were more impressed with Artisan’s selection of pods, ranging from mellow easy drinkers to punchier espressos. Our favourites are The Genius, a smooth coffee with notes of nut and caramel and a slightly more intense espresso: The Heroine.”


Expert Reviews recommends first-timers opt for our taster pack, which includes ten pods of each roast (60 pods in total), so you can find the coffee that you like the best.


Check out the full review here.



Men’s Health Voted Our Opal One the Best Pod Coffee Machine


Men’s Health drew up a list of the best coffee machines for a pre-workout brew, and our Opal One Pod Machine made the cut!


The squat, deadlift and bench press are the cornerstones of most lifting programmes – sometimes simplicity is the best policy. And that’s certainly the case with the Opal One. It doesn’t have a milk frother and it only features programmes for an espresso or lungo (double espresso).”


“When it came to making flavourful shots of strong black coffee, no rival pod machine could match it. It’s easy to use, has a premium build quality and enables you to adjust the brew temperature and cup volume to create your ideal coffee every time.”


Read more about why they loved the Opal One here.