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The Enigma


The Enigma”

Enchanting and shrouded in mystery.

One of the more complex characters in the collection; The Enigma intrigues from first sip. Conjuring up flavours of plum crumble and jammy tarts, this coffee will capture the hearts of those who already enjoy bright and fruity coffee profiles - and will allure those new to such taste experiences in equal measure.

Name: The Enigma

A coffee so perfectly balanced and delicious that the complexities of the blend could be easily overlooked. You don't need to be a codebreaker to enjoy The Enigma; this coffee is simply perfection in a cup.

Number: 720

720: the total number of cogs in the Enigma machine. This coffee character was inspired by the dedication, mastery and mental agility of those who finally cracked the famous code.

Colour: Baked Cherry

Already a firm favourite in the collection, this character is easily identifiable by its dark jammy sweetness and delicate notes of fruit compote.

Artisan Coffee Co The Enigma plum cherry flavour

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