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How to make iced coffee

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How to make iced coffee

There’s nothing more effective as a remedy for a hot and sticky summer day than a glass – or pitcher, depending on how many people you have over – of refreshingly cold and deliciously characterful iced coffee. We’ve perfected the recipe so you can knock up the ultimate cold brew coffee from the comfort of your kitchen. The brew guide below serves one, but it can easily be scaled up to satisfy a crowd.



Makes 4 cups


1 x cafetière

1 x jug

1 x spoon

Digital scales


1 x 30g Artisan Coffee Co. Ground Coffee Filter Sachet

300g/ml Filtered Water

200g Ice


5 Minutes


Cafetiere and French Press Compatible Coffee


Before getting started, gather all your equipment into one place.

Boil 250g/ml of filtered water.


Place your cafetière onto the scales. 

Empty the sachet of ground coffee into the cafetière and zero the scales.


Add 300ml (300g) of filtered water, just off the boil. Make sure you saturate all the grounds. 

Set your timer to 4 minutes and press start.


Place the lid with the plunger onto the cafetière, but do not plunge. This step is just to keep the heat in.


When the timer goes off, give your coffee a good stir for 5 seconds. Allow the water to settle, then remove the lid and use a spoon to remove the foam & any coffee grounds floating on the surface to achieve a cleaner cup of coffee.


Place the lid back onto the cafetière - once again resisting the urge to plunge - and allow the coffee to brew for a further minute. Gently push down on the plunger and stop just before it touches the coffee grounds.


Now place 200g of ice cubes into your jug and carefully pour the brewed coffee over the ice.

Stir the coffee well to dissolve any remaining ice in the jug.


Finally, pour the iced coffee into a glass filled with more ice and finish with a splash of milk if you desire.

Store your iced coffee in the fridge in a sealed container or jug.


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