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Creative Ways To Repurpose Your Coffee Grounds

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Creative Ways To Repurpose Your Coffee Grounds

Discover our top tips for turning your left over Artisan coffee grounds into useful household essentials and homemade beauty products. We hope you’ll feel inspired to try some of these ideas out for yourself and please feel free to share your results and pics with us!

At Artisan we not only care about providing you with the tastiest cup of coffee each and every time you brew, but we also care about the environment and the future of our planet. That’s why sustainability is part and parcel of everything we do.


Used coffee grounds are not only abrasive - making them ideal for cleaning and exfoliation -, they are also packed full of nutrients, minerals and powerful antioxidants that mean they can be used at home, in the garden, in cleaning, and for promoting hair growth and anti-ageing. Coffee grounds are a safe, natural and completely non-toxic alternative to the household detergents and skincare products most of us routinely use. They’re also completely free!


Artisan Coffee Co Health Benefits Expert Julie King nutritional therapist

There are so many ingenious ways to repurpose your spent coffee grounds and we hope you’ll feel inspired to try some of the ideas outlined above for yourself.


Keep reading for nine creative ways to reuse your Artisan coffee grounds.



1. Remove dirt from hard-to-clean surfaces



Coffee grounds are abrasive and can be used to scrub household surfaces and pots and pans. The grainy texture of used coffee grounds makes them ideal for scouring your sink, scrubbing kitchen utensils and even cleaning your oven. Coffee grounds also have antibacterial and antiviral properties.


Used coffee grounds are a great alternative to chemical cleaning solutions which can be full of toxins and other nasties.



2. Exfoliate your skin



The coarse and grainy texture of coffee grounds make for a perfect, and completely natural, exfoliator. If you’re looking for an eco-friendly and skin-healthy way to brighten your skin and remove dead cells from the skin’s surface, then look no further.


Just take your used coffee grounds and mix them with a little bit of water (or olive, coconut or sesame oil) and then apply directly to your skin, massaging in circular motions. Rinse using warm water and - voila! - you’ll be left with soft, fresh, glowing skin. Repeat as often as you fancy to improve circulation and blood flow to the skin, improved skin health and a radiant complexion.


Oh, and the antioxidant properties of coffee have been shown to offer sun damage protection to the skin too.




3. Fertilise your garden



Used coffee grounds are abundant in potassium, nitrogen, calcium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium and chromium - all minerals that play an important role in plant growth. All you need to do is sprinkle your coffee grounds onto the soil that surrounds your plants.


Furthermore, coffee grounds have been shown to absorb heavy metals that might otherwise contaminate your soil and can also help to lure worms to your garden which can be really beneficial for plant growth.



4. Absorb odours



Coffee grounds contain nitrogen, which is why it can be a great solution if you want to absorb or eliminate odours.


Place a bowl of coffee grounds in your fridge to neutralise powerful food smells (including fish, dairy and other punchy aromas), or fill old socks or tights with used coffee grounds and place them in shoes, gym bags, drawers, or at the bottom of your wardrobe to neutralise any unwanted scent.


You can even wash your hands with used coffee grounds to remove odours after chopping garlic or onion or dealing with fish. Just keep a bowl of grounds by your kitchen sink and mix with a little water to rinse away any strong smells.



5. Treat cellulite


Cellulite affects between 80–90% of adult women and it can be a real pain to have to deal with. However, applying caffeine directly to affected areas has been shown to reduce the appearance of cellulite in most people. This is because caffeine, such as is present in used coffee grounds, can help to break down the fat that causes cellulite and can improve blood flow to the affected area. Applying caffeine to the skin has also been shown to reduce the likelihood of cellulite becoming more pronounced.


All you need to do is combine your used coffee grounds with a little water (or olive, coconut or sesame oil) and scrub your thighs and any other affected areas for just ten minutes twice a week to see visible results. Twice a week is a recommended minimum, but feel free to scrub as often as you please.



6. Stimulate hair growth



Many people suffer from hair loss or hair thinning at some point in their life, whether due to aging, hormonal imbalances or stress. Hair loss can be pretty distressing and can take a real toll on mental health. Incredibly, the caffeine present in your used coffee grounds could work wonders when it comes to stimulating hair growth./p>


Simply wet your head and then grab a handful of coffee grounds and massage into your scalp for a few minutes before you shampoo. Then wash, condition and rinse as normal. Do this every time you shower and you could soon see renewed hair growth.


7. Treat puffy eyes and dark circles



Many things can cause dark circles and puffiness under the eyes to appear, including ageing, a bad night’s sleep, fragile blood vessels or poor circulation. The skin under and around the eyes is extremely sensitive and thus can be difficult to treat without causing further damage.


All is not lost, however. Used coffee grounds are high in both antioxidants and caffeine, both of which can improve the appearance of puffy eyes and dark circles. Caffeine is also a potent anti-inflammatory and, when applied directly to the under-eye area, can encourage increased blood circulation to the eye area, helping further reduce the appearance of puffiness and dark circles..


Make a daily ritual of it: mix your used coffee grounds with a little water to form a paste, apply to the area under your eyes and leave for 10-30 minutes (the longer you can afford, the better the result will be). Then rinse gently using cotton pads soaked in lukewarm water. Alternatively, you can re-use your Artisan coffee bags to combat puffiness and dark circles - simply wet and place over your eyes for up to 30 minutes. For best results, apply used coffee to your eyes first thing in the morning.