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Focus On: Artisan’s Ground Coffee

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Focus On: Artisan’s Ground Coffee

Discover why Artisan's perfectly portioned ground coffee packs are revolutionising the way you drink coffee at home. State-of-the-art packaging keeps your coffee at its flavourful best. No aroma is lost. Just cup after cup perfection.

No grinder, no problem! Our perfectly portioned ground coffee delivers a delicious hit of coffee every time. With our individual sachets, you won’t need to forfeit taste for convenience, there'll be no time spent weighing or measuring out your beans, and you won’t have to experience stale old coffee again.

You’ve probably noticed that once a bag of ground coffee - or whole bean coffee for that matter - has been opened, it will begin to deteriorate immediately. The aroma and flavour of the beans will become weaker and less enticing by the minute.


This is why our ground coffee is delivered to you in nitro-sealed sachets. Our sachets allow you to enjoy double the aroma and twice the character with no extra work from you! Our packaging keeps your coffee at its absolute best until the moment you open and brew.


Just add one measured serve to your cafetière, fill with hot water and a better coffee moment is yours for the sipping.



What happens to ground coffee once the bag’s been opened?


Once you tear open a bag of ground coffee, flavour deterioration is inevitable. Annoyingly, excess air, moisture, heat and light will all cause your coffee to perish.


This is why Artisan coffee arrives packed in single serve portions to keep the freshness sealed inside.


Once your ground coffee encounters air, it will begin to deteriorate, losing valuable aroma molecules. You will notice that the aroma decreases, and the taste becomes weaker by the day. It's both a waste of money and a waste of what could have been a beautiful coffee moment.


As a rule, if your coffee grounds are lacking in aroma, the coffee itself will be lacking in flavour. The aroma coming from the packet should be enticing and invigorating and have you craving a cup of coffee. If you’re underwhelmed by the aroma, then you’re likely dealing with grounds that have lost their freshness and are past their best.


Unfortunately, along with moisture, coffee grounds in a large bag will, once the bag has been opened, also absorb and take on other odours present in the air which will further distort their flavour.




Why Artisan’s Sachets Are Better:


We use cutting-edge science and technology to ensure your coffee stays fresher for longer. Our individually packed ground coffee single-serve portions mean our coffees’ incredible flavour and mouth-watering aroma remain consistent over time.


Our ground coffee is uniquely sealed for freshness in a 30g single serving sachet; the perfect amount for a four-cup cafetiere - we know this is how most people prefer to prepare ground coffee at home. Available in every character, there really is something for everybody, and for every mood.


You may be asking yourself why we don’t simply recommend grinding your own beans. Well of course you can but grinding beans is both time consuming and requires a good quality grinder. You’ll also need to store your beans carefully and making sure they are always consumed in that optimum window of freshness. However, with our ground coffee we have done the hard work for you! Due to the speed at which we seal our coffee post-grind, our ground coffee is just as fresh as if you were to grind the beans yourself, meaning your coffee is in optimum condition and ready for you to brew every time.



Have a bag of ground coffee sitting around at home? Try the Artisan Coffee Taste Test Challenge:


1. Open a 250g of regular supermarket coffee, smell it (it should smell of fresh coffee at this point), brew yourself a cup and notice how it tastes. Then, take some coffee out of the 250g bag and leave it in a cup for a few hours. When you sniff the coffee after an hour there will already be a discernible difference in aroma. Finally, brew a cup of coffee using the beans left out and you’ll likely notice a huge difference in flavour - it will be lacking to say the least.


2. Open a 30g sachet and give it a sniff. It smells aromatic, enticing and fresh, right? Make a coffee and notice how it tastes. A few hours later, do this all over again. Wait, it smells and tastes the same! Of course it does. A cup of our coffee always tastes just as fresh and delicious as the last cup.


Enjoying delicious, fresh, affordable, coffee every day is not an option, it's a must! This is why our six coffee characters are available in perfectly portioned sachets of ground filter, are sealed for freshness in nitro-flushed packaging to keep the flavour locked in and are priced at just 30p per cup. Shop them here.


Say hello to a new way to brew. Our individually portioned sachets are at the cutting-edge of fresh, flavourful coffee that you can enjoy your way, every day.