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Transform your morning coffee into a powerful self-care ritual

Start the day feeling strong and centred, and your day is much more likely to be calm, productive and stress-free.

Almost all successful people - whether in business, the creative industries or sport - commit to a nourishing and grounding morning routine. Why? Because they understand that beginning each day slowly, and with intention, can help you to connect to your body, tune in to your mind, hone your focus, and establish your priorities for the day ahead.


Begin your day rushed, stressed, unfocused and in a flap and you’ll likely have a rushed, stressful and unproductive day. Start the day feeling strong and centred, and your day is much more likely to be calm, productive and stress-free.


And where better to start than with your morning coffee. Something as seemingly small as that first sip of perfectly brewed coffee can be the perfect way to greet the new day with a clear and positive mindset.


Here are some ways to maximise your morning coffee routine, transforming the brewing and drinking of your favourite blend into a ritual that sets the tone for the day ahead:


Get a head start on others in your household.


Resist the urge to snooze. By getting up before anybody else, you give yourself the gift of space to enjoy your morning ritual without distraction.


Set yourself a mission to be the first to rise, and discover the magic of a quiet morning without the energetic influence of anyone else. Even if you don’t consider yourself a morning person just yet and you struggle to prize open the duvet first thing, the joy of your new morning coffee ritual will soon become something worth getting up for.



Practice being present


As you begin to transform your morning coffee into a self-care ritual, urge yourself to be present every step of the way.


In addition to waking up before everyone else, keep your phone away from you while you make and enjoy your coffee.


Idle scrolling is the enemy, and checking your emails will get you hot under the collar before you’ve even had a chance to breathe. Having your phone on you while you engage in your coffee ritual will take you out of the moment and into the rat race.


The goal is to turn your morning coffee into a space that is just for you; a space where you can tune-in to yourself, your mood and your aspirations for the day ahead. Comparing yourself to others on social media first thing, or replying to your demanding boss, is totally counterproductive. You have the rest of the day for that! So compartmentalise and prioritise calm first thing in the morning.



Choose a coffee you truly love  


So many people drink whatever coffee they happen to have in the cupboard, lacing it with milk and sugar to mask the bitter undertones. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Your morning coffee can and should represent more than a mere caffeine-kick and a means to keeping your eyes open during that first meeting (or, let’s face it, Zoom call) of the day.


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You wouldn’t drink the same wine every week, would you? So why drink the same coffee day in, day out? Coffee’s flavour varies so much across blends and beans, and it’s worth getting to know what you enjoy in a coffee. Getting your daily fix shouldn’t be an ordeal or something to endure. It should be pure pleasure.


Whether you prefer something rich and chocolatey, or a more fragrant, nutty or fruit-forward brew, Artisan has something you’ll love; our Ultimate Tasting Collection contains six characterful coffees for every mood and palate. And be open to the idea that the flavours you enjoy can evolve over time.


Take the time to discover which coffees work for you, and which you feel like drinking at certain times of day. It may be that you crave a mellow taste first thing, but a jammier and more intense brew come mid-morning. 



Consider your drinkware


This sounds like an inconsequential thing but it can make all the difference. Going to the trouble of using a cup or mug you really love - rather than whichever one is closest to hand - sends a signal to yourself that you are worth the effort.


artisan coffee co blossom drinkware experience french press


Furthermore, investing in new drinkware can totally transform your coffee experience. They say we eat with our eyes, but we drink with our eyes too, and the colour of your drinkware can heavily influence the perceived taste and flavour of your drink.


So think carefully about your choice of drinkware. And it’s not just about the colour. Do you prefer drinking out of the finest bone china? Or has that weighty thick-rimmed mug that’s been with you through the ups and down of many years got your name on it? How about that novelty cup that makes you laugh every time you glimpse it out of the corner or your eye? Whatever you decide, make sure you’re injecting your morning with as much pleasure and joy as you can. You deserve it.



Savour the moment


Find yourself a peaceful corner where you can truly savour this sacred moment. This might be in a favourite chair, or looking out across the garden. Hold your coffee in both hands, feel the heat on your palms, inhale the aromas, and take a few deep breaths before having your first sip.


As you drink, consider how you feel in this moment, reflect on the previous day, and set some intentions for the day ahead. You can either do this in your head or put pen to paper and really commit to your intentions. You could even try pairing your coffee ritual with a daily journal practice. Experiment by noting down three to five things you’re grateful for as you ease yourself into the day and see whether this has any knock-on effect on your mood. Alternatively, you could use this time to jot down a to-do list for the day and really get your head in the game. Do what feels best and most natural for you.


It can be tempting to down that espresso as quickly as possible in order to experience the ‘buzz’ and get on with the morning. But throwing back a mindless shot of caffeine is a missed chance to pause and to cultivate an awareness that this is a brand new day brimming with opportunity.


Carving out time to enjoy your coffee mindfully will not only help you to slow down and live in the moment, it’ll give your well-being a much-needed boost too.