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The Genius


The Genius

A truly original, complex character.

Full of dark and serious undertones, The Genius is a well-rounded, stimulating character that will play delightful tricks on your senses. An intriguing coffee packed with exceptional depth of flavour, when you taste The Genius you’ll experience a complex malty body followed by an intense pecan finish. It doesn’t require a genius to enjoy this wondrously complex brew.

Name: The Genius

A precisely tuned blend of nibbed cocoa, pecan and raisin. This thought-provoking brew was masterminded by our visionary team; some would say it’s a work of genius.

Number: 161

161 is one of the highest possible scores awarded by the worldwide Mensa IQ society. Seemed the appropriate number for such a profoundly gifted and original brew.

Colour: Oak Apple

If legend has it that a young Isaac Newton was inspired by an apple falling from a tree then who are we to argue. From one genius to another, we celebrate such historic moments with this masterful blend.

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