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33 Questions with Ashley Palmer-Watts

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33 Questions with Ashley Palmer-Watts

To celebrate Artisan's third birthday, we've delved into the visionary mind of our co-founder and world-renowned chef Ashley Palmer-Watts...

What a ride it's been since we launched in 2021... And our co-founder Ashley Palmer-Watts has been with us every step of the way. So, we caught up with Ashley on our birthday, asking him 33 insightful questions to reveal his unique perspectives on food, coffee, and, of course, all things Artisan Coffee Co.



1. What's your first coffee memory?

 In the early 2000s at The Fat Duck, we discovered Nespresso for the first time and how their capsules brought us great consistency in serving coffee with very few specialist coffee people.



2. What's your best coffee memory?

I first Met Nolan Khyl Hirte, the founder of Proud Mary Coffee in Melbourne, in 2014. We sat down, and I tasted three incredible coffees - filter and espresso. He talked me through everything, and this blew my mind…



3. Where's your favourite place to drink coffee?

At home, when there's a rare moment to think and enjoy a coffee.



4. What's your favourite brewing method?

Well, pour-over filter using a Kalita set-up and espresso – I can’t choose just one!



5. What's your go-to coffee order?

In a café….Double espresso followed by a filter coffee!



6. What's your coffee top tip?

Buy the best quality you can, and often, keep in that sweet spot from roasting.



7. What coffee trend do you love...

I’m not one for trends, as these come and go. I love precision when brewing and doing things well.


8. ...and think that’s over-rated?

Putting other ingredients in a portafilter when making espresso, I’m a purest!



9. If you could have a coffee with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?

I would love to have a coffee with my Dad. Sadly, he’s not with us anymore, but that would be incredible.


10. What's your favourite coffee-infused recipe?

Food would be my Mocha Tart, and for drinks, the Summer Cold Brew Spritz.



11. What's your most unusual food and coffee pairing?

At the Fat Duck, we paired coffee with garlic and tomato in a saddle of lamb dish.


12. Where's your favourite place to eat?

Must be at our new pub, The Devonshire


13. What one food could you eat for the rest of your life?

I think it would have to be pork, it gives lots of options, roast pork, bacon, sausages, slow-cooked cuts and so on!


14. What's your favourite ingredient to cook with?

Hard to pick one, but where someone has reared, caught, or farmed with that absolute obsession in producing the best.


15. Why did you enter the coffee world?

I wanted to help people drink better coffee, making it approachable and allowing them to make a better cup easily. 


16. What’s your favourite thing about making coffee?

I love the ritual – it’s a simple equation, a little process, precision, and time rewards with the result!


17. What does Artisan mean to you?

It means an obsessive attention to detail in everything we do. The result is for the customer. 


18. What makes Artisan different from other brands?

We make speciality coffee blended and roasted perfectly for the right brew method!


19. What do you want people to feel when they drink Artisan?

A deep satisfaction and reward.



20. If you were an Artisan coffee character, which would you be?

Haha, I’d be the APW (Ashley Palmer-Watts), but we haven’t created this one yet!


21. What's been the most popular character since launching?

The Big Shot fits the bill of a very well-balanced classic coffee, a proper crowd-pleaser.


22. What's a character more people should drink?

As cold brew, The Genius, and as an espresso, The Enigma.


23. How has Artisan evolved over the past three years?

We have made significant partnerships supplying restaurants, hotels, and cafes.


24. What's been the biggest challenge for Artisan?

Getting more people to taste our coffees at home, once you try, it’s a winner!


25. What's been your best Artisan memory so far? 

It’s always when someone new tastes what we do. Genuine enjoyment when tasting is the best feedback any creative can get.


26. What's a secret no one knows about Artisan?

We have some incredible people behind the scenes in areas you wouldn’t think existed! 



27. What's been the best feedback you've received about Artisan?

People say they never cared about better quality and didn’t know where to start. They taste ours, are transformed, and can’t return to their usual coffee!


28. How are you personally celebrating Artisan's 3rd birthday?

I’m going to drink every single character that day!


29. What's next for Artisan this year?

Creating ways to bring better coffee into more people’s routines – it’s not as difficult as people think.


30. Where do you see Artisan in another three years?

A big household name, known for great coffee the way you like it!


31. ...and after 33 years?

Still going strong, but globally.


32. What legacy do you want Artisan to leave?

To be remembered for playing a part in bringing better coffee to the nation, no matter how you brew your coffee.


33. Any final words? 

I’m off for a coffee!