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Easter Recipes To Get Egg-Cited Over

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Easter Recipes To Get Egg-Cited Over

If you're anything like our team your cupboards have been full of mini-eggs for months! So we tasked Ashley Palmer-Watts with coming up with innovative recipes to use up all those leftover Easter eggs! We're egg-static with the results!

We don’t know about you, but there are always Easter Eggs lingering in the kitchen cupboards long after the weekend itself has passed in our houses. However, you needn’t let them go to waste. Our very own Michelin-starred maverick, Ashley Palmer-Watts, has come up with some creative and delicious ways to use up your left-over eggs.



Mini Egg Mocha


A quick, delicious and fun way to use up your favourite tiny colourful Easter Eggs. Guaranteed to put a smile on everyone’s face!


You will need



  • 5 Mini Eggs
  • 1 Double Shot of Your Favourite Espresso
  • Milk to Foam





Using a micro plane or the fine side of a grater, carefully grate three of the Mini Eggs into your favourite 8oz cup.


Pull a double shot of your favourite coffee and pour on top the grated Mini Eggs.


Stir with a spoon until Mini Eggs have melted, then pour over your steamed milk to create a latte.


Grate another Mini Egg on top of your coffee and serve with a final Mini Egg on the side!



Easter Egg Tiramisu


This is a yummy and creative way to use up leftover Easter eggs, both big and small.


This sumptuous dessert can also be made in a large bowl or served in smaller portions. Instead of combining the rum with the coffee, Ashley prefers to add a little rum to the mascarpone. The result, an intense coffee-soaked sponge enveloped with a rich, decadent rum infused mascarpone, with flavours that reveal beautifully through layers of grated dark chocolate.


Find the recipe here


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