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The Emotional Power of Coffee

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The Emotional Power of Coffee

Take a sip and smile... Discover research that highlights coffee's impact on emotions and well-being.

It's official: coffee is more than just a brew. A comprehensive study has now unveiled a fascinating link between coffee and emotions. This new research has brought to light the influence of coffee on our emotional states, demonstrating the power to shape our moods.

The Study

Involving our very own Ashley Palmer-Watts and Greg Tucker, a leading food and drink psychologist with over two decades of experience, the study questioned 2,000 British adults to redefine our coffee encounters and unlock the full potential of flavour in up-keeping our daily well-being.


And what did they find? In short, coffee is so much more than a pick-me-up.


The Findings

Firstly, 50% of adults recognise an impact on their emotions with their daily coffee consumption, and for the younger generation, this figure rockets to 70%. When it came to the emotional rollercoaster experienced before and after indulging in a cup, participants often reported feelings of fatigue (29%), irritability (9%), and general grumpiness (11%) prior to enjoying. However, the moods shifted dramatically post-drinking, revealing dominant feelings of relaxation (23%), heightened focus (21%), and increased energy (20%).

Coffee also holds a special place in the hearts of Brits. For 31%, their morning coffee is their favourite part of the day – a ritualistic experience that infuses joy and anticipation for what lies ahead. Similarly, 27% confess they can’t start their day without a perfect cup, showing the impact of this beverage on daily routines and sense of self.


The Results

The main takeaway? This study highlights coffee's influence on our emotional states and well-being. Coffee goes beyond being a simple drink; it seems to be an emotional companion and a source of wellness, showing the importance of the relationship between flavour and feelings. And, importantly, the ability to turn a cloudy day into a sunny one.