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UK Coffee Week

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UK Coffee Week

It's UK Coffee Week and we're huge supporters of all the amazing projects they and Project Waterfall support. Join us and coffee shops across the UK as we celebrate all things coffee and fundraise for such a great cause.

It’s UK Coffee Week and we hope you’re having as much fun as we are! As well as being a week to indulge in our favourite brews even more enthusiastically than we usually do (if that’s even possible), UK Coffee Week’s primary purpose is to change lives in coffee growing communities around the world.



What is UK Coffee Week?


UK Coffee Week is a nationwide fundraising campaign for Project Waterfall, bringing clean drinking water, sanitation and education to coffee growing communities. The charitable body has recently completed a four-year project in Jabi Tehnan, reaching over 10,000 people with clean water and improved sanitation. 100% of funds raised during UK Coffee Week 2022 will support a brand-new project which will be announced soon, so watch this space!



How have we been getting involved?


Thousands of coffee shops, roasters and individuals across the country take part in UK Coffee Week every year and we are incredibly proud to be official supporters and certified friends of the movement.


It’s been a busy old month for us at Artisan HQ and we shared just a few of the fundraising events we took part in this earlier blog here. We have also donated prizes to UK Coffee Week raffles and social giveaways, be sure to follow both our social accounts here and here so you don't miss out on all the action.



Fancy getting involved in UK Coffee Week?


Join the community of coffee shops, roasters, retailers, and coffee lovers who unite for one week every year to raise funds for Project Waterfall and give back to coffee growing communities.


Taking part is easy – simply sign up your business online here and the team at UK Coffee Week will send you a fundraising kit complete with tips and tricks to help you make the most out of the week. Happy UK Coffee Week!